Where to buy Kylie Cosmetics UK

Where to buy Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin in the UK

21st July 2023 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

UPDATE: The Kylie Cosmetics Twelve Days of Kylie advent calendar is currently going cheap on Harrods. Inside the calendar is three matte liquid lipsticks, a lip liner, an eyeliner pencil as well as a number of Kylie Skin products and an Kylie headband.

The calendar went on sale last year for £165 and is now half-price, at £82.50. One matte liquid lipstick on its own costs £16 and this calendar comes with three, plus a pencil.

Kylie Cosmetics Advent Calendar 2023Kylie Cosmetics

What’s inside the Kylie Cosmetics beauty advent calendar contents:

  • Lip Liner in 808 Kylie
  • Matte Liquid Lipstick in 808 Kylie
  • Matte Liquid Lipstick in 402 Mary Jo
  • Matte Liquid Lipstick in 301 Angel
  • High Gloss in 317 Klear
  • Kyliner Gel Eyeliner Pencil in 010 Shimmery Brown
  • Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner Pen in 001 Black
  • Coconut Body Lotion
  • Lip Oil
  • Sugar Lip Scrub
  • Clarifying Facial Oil
  • Kylie Skin Headband
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Following the recent launch of Kylie Cosmetics in Boots, the entire Kylie Jenner makeup and skincare range is now fully available to buy in the UK.

What’s even better is that you have a couple of options. Both Kylie Skin and Kylie Cosmetics made their respective debuts on the UK high street after the range launched in Selfridges and Harrods. Kylie Cosmetics then additionally came to Boots.

The launch of Kylie Cosmetics in Boots coincided with the range being reformulated to make sure it’s fully vegan, in addition to being clean. The new vegan Kylie Cosmetics line includes 37 lip kits, 30 glosses, 32 matte liquid lipsticks, 15 waterproof gel eyeliners, nine lip liners, and four lip blushes.

Kylie Cosmetics UK

Until recently, the only real way to get Kylie Cosmetics products in the UK (without paying customs charges) was through HelloPretty Cosmetics.

However, the announcement that the range is on sale in Selfridges, Harrods, and Boots makes it even more accessible in the UK.

Where to buy Kylie Cosmetics UK

Scroll down to find out more about Kylie Skin UK and Kylie Cosmetics UK.

Kylie Cosmetics UK at Boots

Boots may have been the last of the three UK high-street brands to go live with its Kylie Cosmetics collection but it’s coming out swinging, stocking 23 of the brand’s bestselling products. This includes Kylie Cosmetics as well as Kylie Skin.

At the time of launch, when you spend £30 across selected Kylie by Kylie Jenner products online you’ll get a free full-size Kylie Skin Walnut Scrub.

The collection includes:

  • Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit (£26)
  • High Gloss Lip Gloss (£15)
  • Kylie Pressed Blush Powder (£18)
  • Bronzing Powder (£20)
  • Setting Powder (£24)
  • Kylighter Illuminating Powder (£25)
  • Matte Liquid Lipstick (£16)
  • Kybrow Pencil (£16)
  • Kybrown Gel Pencil (£14)
  • Kybrow Pomade (£15)
  • Kybrow Liquid Pen (£18)
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Kylie Cosmetics UK at Selfridges

Selfridges was the first of the UK high-street brands to go live with both their offline and online Kylie Cosmetics UK ranges.

It’s not the full, all-singing, all-dancing collection but you can get your hands on 13 of Kylie Cosmetics’ bestsellers. Plus, within these 13 items are various colour combinations to choose from.

For example, the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit (£26) comes in 23 different colours. Although at the time of writing, many are low stock or not available.

Other items include:

  • High Gloss Lip Gloss (£15)
  • Kylie Pressed Blush Powder (£18)
  • Bronzing Powder (£20)
  • Kylighter Illuminating Powder (£25)
  • Matte Liquid Lipstick (£16)
  • Kybrow Pencil (£16)
  • Kybrown Gel Pencil (£14)
  • Kybrow Pomade (£15)
  • Kybrow Liquid Pen (£18)
  • Kylie Cosmetics UK Lip Oil (£22)
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Kylie Cosmetics UK at Harrods

Harrods is stocking most of the same items found at Selfridges. The main omission is the Kylie Setting Powder, which only appears to be available from Boots, and the Lip Oil which is only available from Selfridges.

The Harrods Kylie Cosmetics collection includes:

  • Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit (£26)
  • High Gloss Lip Gloss (£15)
  • Kylie Pressed Blush Powder (£18)
  • Bronzing Powder (£20)
  • Kylighter Illuminating Powder (£25)
  • Matte Liquid Lipstick (£16)
  • Kybrow Pencil (£16)
  • Kybrown Gel Pencil (£14)
  • Kybrow Liquid Pen (£18)
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Kylie Skin UK

Kylie Skin launched in May 2019 and is now a top-selling skincare brand in the US.

The most recent addition to the Kylie Skin UK line-up is the Makeup Melting Cleanser. This oil-based cleanser does as its name suggests – it melts away makeup, even waterproof mascara. It can be used on dry, or damp skin and works well when followed by a foaming cleanser. A cleansing ritual called double-cleansing.

Double cleansing uses an oil-based cleanser and then a foaming cleanser to melt makeup and then remove all traces of it. It’s a sure-fire way to make sure you’re getting rid of all dirt and impurities. Of course, Kylie Jenner recommends following her Makeup Melting Cleanser with her own-brand Foaming Cleanser and this is why she sells them as part of a bundle.

Next up is a Vitamin C face serum, Clarifying Facial Oil, and a Clear Complexion Correction Stick.

Again, the serum does what it says on the tin and is a serum that helps you add Vitamin C to your skincare routine. While the Clarifying Facial Oil contains tea tree oil and witch hazel to soothe and calm the skin while removing blemishes. This oil also packs an exfoliating punch with the addition of salicylic and glycolic acid.

The Correction Stick acts like a more concentrated, targeted version of the facial oil and uses salicylic and glycolic acid to gently exfoliate targeted areas while improving skin tone and texture via the addition of witch hazel.

And then there are the lip care launches and these include a lip oil, lip scrub, and lip balms.  The balms are only available in the US but can be shipped to the UK.

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Where to buy Kylie Skin UK


The Kylie Skin range went on sale via Selfridges‘ website on 1 November.  It was then available from stores from 3 November – that was until lockdown forced them to close!

All of the products are included in this launch.

You can also buy a Kylie Skin UK Mini Travel Kit for £36 which includes miniature versions of the foaming face wash, toner, Vitamin C serum, and moisturiser. This is a good way of giving the range a go before splashing out on the full-sized versions.

If you’re unsure which of these products you need, take a look at our How to layer your skincare guide. This will explain where each of the different items fit into your routine. We’ve previously tested a number of these Kylie Skin UK products and we highly rate them. We’ll be publishing full reviews soon.

You can also buy the following products for your body:

Buy Kylie Skin UK from Selfridges

Kylie Skin UK at Harrods

The range also went on sale via Harrods’ website on the same day it launched in Selfridges.

It is selling the same individual products as Selfridges but doesn’t appear to be selling the mini kit.

Buy Kylie Skin UK from Harrods

Kylie Skin UK

Following the launch of the official Kylie Skin UK site, you can now order various products from the range without customs charges. Plus, if you spend over £30 you’ll get free shipping.

It also looks like the full range is available to buy in the UK. Prices range from £22 up to £133 for the complete set.

The products on offer via the Kylie Skin website are:

  • Kylie Skin Foaming Face Wash cleanser – £26
  • Kylie Skin Vanilla Milk toner – £27
  • Kylie Skin Walnut Face Scrub – £24
  • Face moisturiser – £27
  • Eye cream – £22
  • Vitamin C serum – £29
  • Hydrating face mask – £34
  • EXCLUSIVE Kylie Skin branded mirror – £14
  • EXCLUSIVE Kylie Skin branded headband – £10
  • EXCLUSIVE Lips travel case – £27
  • EXCLUSIVE Travel bag – £25
  • Coconut Body Lotion – £27
  • Coconut Body Scrub – £27
Buy Kylie Skin UK now

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