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Glossier UK: The best Glossier products from across its makeup and skincare range

2nd August 2023 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

Glossier has earned a cult following for its cute packaging and effective makeup and skincare lines. Here are what we consider to be the best Glossier products you need to try

UPDATE: After weeks of teasers and reports, Glossier has officially announced its Stretch Fluid Foundation.

Building on the formula of its hugely popular Stretch Concealer, the Stretch Fluid Foundation is designed to offer buildable light to medium coverage and is packed with skincare to improve your skin as you wear it.

Glossier claims the foundation is transfer and sweat-resistant and lasts up to 12 hours. This is the first official foundation from Glossier. It already has the Glossier Skin Tint but not a dedicated foundation product like the new Stretch Fluid Foundation.

The Stretch Collection is due to launch on 22 August and the foundation will come in 32 “flexible” shades across seven skin tone families, each with 4-5 undertones. At the same time, Glossier’s Stretch Concealer will be re-released to match the 32 shades of the foundation.

As Glossier explained on Instagram: “Ultimately, it’s designed to live with you, not on you. Stretch Fluid Foundation and Balm Concealer will be available on and in Glossier stores on August 22nd.

We’ll update this page when the foundation goes on sale and once we’ve had a chance to try it out. In the meantime, you can see the current results from our major best foundation group test here.


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These days it feels like every other brand that arrives on the market has a soft pastel aesthetic and Instagram-friendly packaging, but Glossier is one brand that deserves its hype.

Its products are practically fool-proof; perfect for everyday wear when you don’t want to feel like you’re wearing a mask, and they’re relatively good value for money given their high quality.

With products available for every need and skin type, we’ve compiled a list of tried and tested skincare and makeup products from Glossier that we believe will be staples in your collection.

The best Glossier products: Makeup

A number of the best Glossier products appear in our Best Buys lists – namely the Stretch Concealer in our best concealer, the Glossier Futuredew primer in our best primer list and the Glossier Cloud Paint in our best blusher guide. We’ve detailed more about these, and a number of Glossier’s other makeup staples below.

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♥︎ Glossier Cloud Paint

£15 | Buy now from Glossier

Why we love it: Glossier’s cult Cloud Paint has left our powder blushes sad and neglected at the back of our makeup collections, and for good reason.

It provides the perfect sheer wash of colour on the cheeks if that’s your vibe, but is also buildable if you prefer a more intense glow.

Its lightweight formula blends perfectly onto either clean skin, over liquid foundation, and even powder, giving an air of natural glow.

Available in six natural shades, inspired by NYC sunsets, this blusher is perfect for any skin tone – we especially love Puff for a bright yet natural flush.

How to use: Apply a tiny bit at a time either with the fingertips or a stippling brush and gently buff in. Can be applied before or after powder products.

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♥︎ Stretch Concealer

£15 | Buy now from Glossier

Why we love it: Whilst the Stretch Concealer won’t cover more aggressive breakouts or get rid of dark circles, it is the perfect natural corrector to conceal minor flaws without caking.

Practically undetectable on the skin, the Stretch Concealer leaves a glowy finish that can be used on bare skin or over a light foundation for extra coverage. It comes in twelve shades covering a broad spectrum of skin tones, although we admit this could be higher.

How to use: We like to apply the Stretch Concealer with our fingertips and the natural warmth of our hands provides a seamless blend. However, for a more even – or more hygienic application – use a small dense brush and gently sweep a small amount of product over the areas you want to conceal. If you don’t already follow legendary makeup artist Katie-Jane Hughes on Instagram, she swears by minimal contact when applying base products because it prevents them from becoming cakey. And it gives you a more natural finish.

If you’re not sure what we mean by a more “hygienic” application, check out our guide on How to clean makeup brushes to learn more. 

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♥︎ Glossier Boy Brow

£24 | Buy now from Glossier

Why we love it: Boy Brow provides a light tint to brows and locks hairs into place, giving them an instantly fluffy appearance.

Its tiny brush makes Boy Brow effortless to apply and the creamy formula is almost invisible and doesn’t leave a crunchy residue that flakes off during the day.

With oleic acid, lecithin and atelocollagen, this product also works to moisturise brows, assisting with growth. It is available in four natural shades – following the latest addition of Boy Brow Auburn – as well as a clear formula.

Like the rest of the Boy Brow range, Boy Brow Auburn provides a light tint to red and auburn brows, locking hairs into place, making them looking fluffier and fuller.

Boy Brow costs £24 so is far from cheap, but a little goes a long way and it’s a tad easier to use than a regular pomade.

How to use: We like to brush on Boy Brow before using any other products to set the brows into place. Once they are set, you can see where any gaps are and can fill them in using your brow product of choice for a natural look that doesn’t appear over-drawn.

mamabella tip: We recently discovered some great makeup alternatives and this includes a cheap Glossier Boy Brow rival from e.l.f Wow Brow. Instead of paying £14, you can get an almost identical product for £4.50. Read more in our makeup alternatives UK article.   

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♥︎ Glossier mascara: Lash Slick

£14 | Buy now from Glossier

Why we love it: While we all love long, thick lashes, heavy-duty mascaras can be irritating for everyday wear. Not to mention clumpy.

Glossier’s Lash Slick is the best mascara to be worn daily, providing lengthening without clumping.

Its formula is water-resistant, rather than waterproof, so it won’t run during the day, and this means an accidental rub of the eye won’t end in a makeup disaster.

And while you can’t go swimming wearing Lash Slick, the plus is that it’s not impossible to remove at the end of the day.

The formula is gentle on the eyes, making it perfect if you wear contact lenses or spend a lot of your day looking at a screen.

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♥︎ Perfecting Skin Tint

£15 | Buy now from Glossier

Why we love it: The Perfecting Skin Tint provides natural coverage and a wash of colour that conceals redness without covering your skin.

The sheer formula won’t hide your freckles (not that they should be hidden anyway!), but it will brighten the natural appearance of your skin.

It also contains diamond powder which is said to be behind the fact this CC cream/foundation provides a soft-focus effect, minimising the appearance of pores. Meanwhile, glycerine works to provide gentle moisture throughout the day.

Perfecting Skin Tint comes in twelve shades to match the Stretch Concealer, so they blend together to improve the appearance of your natural skin.

How to use: We like to apply this product either with fingertips or a stippling brush for quick, easy-to-apply coverage for daily wear.

mamabella tip: As part of our wider makeup alternatives UK article, we recently discovered that The Ordinary’s Serum foundation is a great, cheap alternative to Glossier’s Skin Tint. 

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The best Glossier products: Skincare

Glossier doesn’t just sell makeup. It’s also got a great line of Glossier skincare.

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♥︎ Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

£15 | Buy now from Glossier

Why we love it: This creamy Glossier cleanser works to gently break down makeup, dirt and pollution, leaving your face feeling soft and clean.

Its gel formula is soap-free, so it won’t leave your skin feeling tight like gel foaming cleansers often do, and this makes it suitable for all skin types, even if you’re dry.

It’s made from the same cleansing agents that you can find in contact lens solution, making it gentle for use on the eyes and effective at removing even stubborn mascara.

More recently, Glossier launched a new cleanser to its skincare line-up called Cleanser Concentrate. This foaming, clarifying face wash is like the Milky Jelly Cleanser but is more concentrated. In fact, it cleanses, exfoliates and re-energises your skin.

Despite its colour, and description, it’s not harsh. It uses gentle exfoliators, including grape ferment, grape extract, lactic acid, and malic acid, with niacinamide to help refine pores

The Glossier Cleanser Concentrate costs £18 for 100ml and is available now.

How to use: We recommend using this product alone in the morning or after an oil-based makeup remover or cleanser in the evening to remove any residue of makeup, dirt or pollution.

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Buy Milky Jelly from Glossier | Buy Concentrate now from Glossier

♥︎ Glossier Universal Pro-Retinol

£10 | Buy now from Glossier

Glossier recently entered the world of retinoids with the launch of its first anti-ageing, retinol serum called Universal Pro-Retinol.

It’s formulated with 0.5% pro-retinol made using Retinyl Sunflowerate. This is a hybrid of pure retinol and sunflower seed fatty acids designed in such a way that gives you the benefits of a retinoid without all the typical side effects, including dryness and irritation. You can learn more about these in our What is retinol and what does retinol do for your skin? guide.

These side effects are one of the reasons why retinol products are not recommended for people with sensitive skin and experts have been trying to find various ways around this using different combinations.

Avon famously makes Protinol, found in its Avon Plumping Shots, meanwhile, The Inkey List (and other brands) have started selling Bakuchiol as a plant-based retinol alternative. You can read more in our Plumping Shots reviews, and our skincare ingredient checker guide. 

Other ingredients include Stevia Leaf Extract to help smooth out the look of skin, as well as plant-based humectants including glycerin and Mondo Grass Root Extract to make it easier for all skin types to manage.

According to the brand’s clinical trials, after 4 weeks of use “100% of testers said their skin looked and felt renewed, smoother, softer, more radiant, and visibly transformed.”

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♥︎ Glossier lip balm: Balm Dot Com

£10 | Buy now from Glossier

Why we love it:  As one of Glossier’s bestselling products, Balm Dot Com is a great all-rounder that can be used on your lips or to relieve dry skin on your hands, elbows, feet or anywhere it’s needed. It’s great for cracked cuticles too.

Following a recent relaunch, the balm is now made with vegan moisturisers including synthetic beeswax, Castor Jelly and a plant-based, emollient blend and comes in eight flavours.

These include Wild Fig, Rose, Birthday (vanilla), Coconut, Lavender, Mint, Mango and Berry. Wild Fig is back as part of the reformulation launch but sadly Glossier has got rid of the Cherry flavour. Mint and Coconut, as well as a fragrance-free Original, go on clear while the others have a sheer tint.

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♥︎ Glossier Solution

£19 | Buy now from Glossier

Why we love it: Glossier’s Solution is the brand’s offering to provide gentle chemical exfoliation without irritation, improving the appearance of skin texture and improving radiance.

It contains AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), BHAs (beta hydroxy acids) and PHAs (polyhydroxy acids) which work to clear dirt and excess oils from both the surface of your skin, and deeper into your pores, working to reduce blemishes and blackheads and soothe redness.

Its gentle formula makes it suitable for even dry skin, although we don’t recommend using chemical exfoliants if you suffer from any skin conditions such as rosacea or eczema.

How to use: Use Solution once every other evening either with your fingertips or on a cotton pad. Make sure to use SPF in the morning!

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♥︎ Super Bounce Serum

£24 | Buy now from Glossier

Why we love it: This is our personal favourite from Glossier’s range of serums and is perfect for everyday use.

Super Bounce serum contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to hydrate every layer of the skin without leaving the skin sticky, making it perfect for under makeup.

See our science of moisturiser article or our What is hyaluronic acid guide? for more info.

Its soothing and hydrating formula is also great for dehydrated and dry skin, instantly restoring your skin’s natural radiance. You can read more about how serums work in our guide to the science of serums.

How to use: Use Super Bounce morning and evening after cleansing and follow with a moisturiser. Alternatively, use whenever your skin looks a bit lacklustre and needs a boost of hydration.

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♥︎ Priming Moisturiser Rich

£29 | Buy now from Glossier

Why we love it: Don’t let the “rich” in the name put you off – this Priming Moisturiser is perfect for even oily skin, melting instantly into the skin to provide intense hydration. Ceramides and fatty acids work to restore your skin’s natural moisture and give long-lasting results.

The Priming Moisturiser Rich also contains an Anti-Redness Complex to combat irritation and redness, as well as an Oxygenating Agent that improves the texture of the skin. You can read more about how moisturiser works in our science of moisturiser guide. 

If you’d rather have a lighter formula, Glossier also sells the original Priming Moisturiser as well as the gel -based Priming Moisturiser Balance version that’s well-suited to oily and acne-prone skin.

How to use:  We love using this product as a base for makeup to soothe and moisturise the skin, but it also works perfectly to provide intense hydration overnight when applied in the evening. Use after cleansing and applying any thinner-consistency serums or oils.

We also highly recommend putting this moisturiser in the fridge before use – check out our best skincare fridge guide for more info – because the consistency and texture feel amazing on the skin when it’s cold.

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