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GHD sale: Get the cheapest prices on GHD stylers on the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days

10th October 2023 | Author: Victoria Woollaston-Webber

At various points throughout the year, you can get your hands on relatively cheap GHD stylers in the GHD sale – the current deals are live as part of Amazon Prime Big Deal Days

If you’ve been holding off buying a new GHD hair dryer, straightener or styler until the sales start, you may be in luck.

Below we’ve listed current deals on GHD straighteners, hair dryers and brushes (where appropriate) – or where you can get the cheapest price.

We’ve previously reviewed a number of GHD products including the GHD Helios dryer, the GHD Unplugged, and the GHD Platinum Plus so you can check out those reviews using the links below if you want to do some more research before you buy.

We’ll also put the GHD Duet Style to the test and you can read how the Duet Style compares to the Dyson Airstrait in our GHD Duet Style vs Dyson Airstrait head-to-head.)

We also want to highlight that in a move that we’ve never seen before. Instead of old GHD stylers dropping in price over time, GHD recently *raised* the price of a number of products.

The GHD Platinum+ has increased to £219, from £189. The GHD Helios is now £179, up from £159 and the GHD Air is £119. It used to be £109.

This means that the current savings are of better value this year than they would have been last year, potentially!

Click the links to the left to jump to our separate review articles, or keep reading to see the latest GHD deals.

GHD sale

The widgets below show the cheapest ways to get hold of GHD straighteners, hair dryers and more. Scroll through the list to see if you can grab yourself a GHD bargain.


You can then read more about the stylers themselves further down this list, or jump straight to the reviews in the box at the top of this GHD sale guide.

Cheap GHD straighteners sale

Despite the fact GHD sells a wide range of stylers, it’s most well-known for its straighteners. There are five versions to choose from. The flagship is the GHD Platinum Plus, followed by the GHD Gold and GHD Original IV.

Then there are the GHD Max and GHD Mini. All five models can be used on all hair types but the GHD Mini is best suited to shorter hair, because of its smaller plates. The GHD Max is best suited to longer hair because of its larger plates.

There are additionally a number of GHD limited edition models, you can learn more about these by clicking the buttons below the deals widget.

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♥ GHD Platinum Plus hair straighteners

£219 | Buy now 

GHD Platinum Plus StylerGHD

Hands down, the best straighteners on the market are those in the GHD Platinum Plus range. Not only are they hugely versatile, but the GHD Platinum Plus is designed to deliver the optimum heat for your hair, meaning you don’t have to repeatedly straighten the same section. This speeds things up and prevents excessive damage to your hair while also smoothing it without weighing it down.

The GHD Platinum Plus is available in white and black, as standard, but for a limited time, you can also get it in a pastel blue version.

Dyson recently launched its Corrale straightener and if you thought £219, or even the sale price of £189, was pricey for this GHD model, the Dyson Corrale costs a staggering £399. Read how the two compare in our Dyson Corrale review.

READ MORE: GHD Platinum Plus review

Buy now from GHD

♥ GHD Original Professional Styler

£119 | Buy now

GHD Original StylerGHD

One of GHD’s first, and still one of its best straightener designs, the GHD Original Professional styler’s ceramic plates straighten, curl (read more in our how to curl hair with straighteners article) and create flicks without causing too much damage.

Having remained true to this early design for years, the styler was given an upgrade and GHD is now calling it the “new and improved” GHD Original. As a result, it now comes with what GHD calls “single-zone ceramic heat technology.”  This promises to be “a new generation rapid response heater that maintains the optimal styling temperature for superior results.”

It comes with GHD’s 30-minute automatic sleep mode so you’ll never have to worry about having left your straighteners on ever again. Out of all the Good Hair Day products, this hair styler is most often included in the GHD sale but the prices, and deals, vary.

As part of the new ID Collection, you can now buy the recently revamped version of these straighteners in a soft pink colour for £129.

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♥ GHD Gold Max Styler

£149 | Buy now

GHD Max straightenersGHD

If you’ve got long, thick hair, the Original Professional Styler will likely not be enough to calm your locks but the GHD Max styler should be. It has the same sleep sensor as the Original IV but larger ceramic plates to cover more hair in each stroke.

Formerly known as the GHD V gold Max styler, it has advanced ceramic heat technology, a 30-second heat-up time, and a protective plate guard. Even though its larger plates are better suited to thicker, curly hair it can still be used to create curls and waves.

Buy now from Amazon | Buy now from GHD

♥ GHD Gold Professional Styler

£169 | Buy now

GHD Gold straighteners stylerGHD

The GHD Gold Professional styler has a smoother, more compact style than the Max and Original IV models and, as its name suggests, has gold-coloured accents throughout its design. The GHD Gold’s dual-zone technology means it has two new-generation heat sensors, rather than one, which helps control the heat to give you a smooth look without damaging your hair.

Alongside the pastel blue Platinum Plus, and the soft pink GHD Original, GHD also released a lilac version of the GHD Gold as part of its new ID Collection. It costs £179.

Buy now from Amazon | Buy now from GHD

♥ GHD Mini Styler

£149 | Buy now

GHD Mini stylerGHD

Alternatively, if you’ve got short hair, the plates on the GHD Original, GHD Platinum Plus, and GHD Max styler will likely be too big, especially for the short hairs around your face.

If this is the case, give the GHD Mini a go.

It has the same sleep sensor as its larger siblings, advanced ceramic heat technology, a 30-second heat-up time and protective plate guard. Even though its smaller plates are better suited to short hair it can still be used to create curls and waves.

Buy now from Amazon | Buy now from GHD

Cheap GHD hot brush sale

There are two products to choose from in the GHD hot brush collection – the GHD Glide and the GHD Rise. The former is shaped like a standard paddle brush while the second is a cross between a hot brush and a curling wand.

♥ GHD Rise

£169 | Buy now

GHD Rise review buttonmamabella | mamabella

For a long time, the Glide (see below) was the only hot brush from GHD. That was until the brand released the GHD Rise in 2020. Where as the Glide is aimed at smoothing and straightening second-day hair and looks like a standed paddle brush, the Rise is a cross between the GHD straighteners range and its curling wands and tongs.

First off it has a cylindrical design so it’s more suited towards creating curls but can also be placed at the roots to lift and add volume. Secondly, it has plastic, smooth-touch bristles that help grip the hair. The latter is the reason why the Rise is described as a hot brush rather than a standalone curling wand.

As our editor Victoria said in her GHD Rise hot brush review, “the 32mm barrel on the GHD Rise hot brush is the perfect size to add body, fullness, and bounce through the lengths of hair while the GHD Rise’s 5mm smooth touch bristles have reportedly been optimised for closest contact to the root for maximum root lift.”

The GHD Rise definitely has more appeal and versatility than the GHD Glide and will suit most hair types so if you’re undecided between the two, we recommend you buy the Rise.

FURTHER READING: GHD Rise hot brush review

Buy now from Amazon | Buy now from GHD

♥ GHD Glide Hot Brush

£169 | Buy now


GHD Hot Glide brushGHD

The GHD Glide Hot brush is unlike anything else in the GHD collection. It’s part hair dryer, part hair styler and of course, it can be used as a standard brush meaning it’s a three-in-one bargain. Especially at £105.

The Glide Hot brush helps you add more style and a smoother finish to your hair before you wash it again. It works particularly well if you use dry shampoo thanks to anti-static ions emitted by the brush which tame frizz and flyaways.

This brush also has ceramic technology to maintain the brush heat at an optimal 185°C, an extra-long swivel cord and an automatic safety sleep mode.

Buy now from Amazon | Buy now from GHD

Cheap GHD hair dryer sale

There are a number of savings to be had in the cheap GHD hair dryer sales, and these savings extend to the recently released, limited-edition models too.

♥︎ GHD Helios hair dryer

£179 | Buy now

GHD Helios release date price vs GHD AirGHD

We’re lucky to be able to test a lot of products, including the best hair dryers and none have compared to the performance, design and overall brilliance of the GHD Helios.

It takes many of the great features on the GHD Air hair dryer but elevates them to another level. It dries incredibly fast, left our hair looking sleek and shiny and that’s before you even take into account how great it looks.

FURTHER READING: Is the GHD Helios really better than the GHD Air?

Unlike the GHD Air which is only available in black, unless you buy it as part of a limited edition gift set, the GHD Helios comes in gold and white, black and silver, navy blue and black, neo-mint, and plum. There is also a limited-edition warm pewter version still doing the rounds at a discount.

More recently, GHD released two new limited-edition versions of the GHD Helios in pastel blue, and lilac version. Both cost £189 and come with stickers designed by Jasmine Sehra. Check out our GHD Helios review to learn more.

Buy now from Amazon | Buy now from GHD

♥ GHD Air hair dryer

£119 | Buy now

GHD Air hair dryerGHD

The GHD Air hair dryer is one of the best hair dryers on the market. It looks and feels luxurious, with a well-shaped, well-designed handle and balanced weight making it easy to hold for long periods; ideal if you’ve got thick or curly hair that takes forever to dry.

It has three temperature settings and three-speed modes, each of which provides a steady, quiet stream of heated air.

With the recent launch of the GHD Helios (read more in our GHD Helios review), the GHD Air has fallen down the ranks somewhat. You can read how they compare in our GHD Helios vs GHD Air guide. Since the Helios was released, the Air has only been included in the GHD sale once but if you can find it cheaper, it’s very much worth it.

We also want to point out that, for years, the GHD Air has been on sale for £99. GHD recently pushed its price up to £109 – and then lowered it again to £89 for Black Friday. This feels a little odd and is likely to make the discount look greater.

FURTHER READING: Is the GHD Helios really better than the GHD Air?

Buy now from Amazon | Buy now from GHD

♥ GHD Flight Travel hair dryer

£65 | Buy now

GHD Flight travel hair dryerGHD

If you can’t quite stretch to nearly £120 for a GHD hair dryer – or don’t want to! – you can get the Flight Travel hair dryer for £65. It was previously sold for £59 and is part of the recent price increases.

It’s 50% lighter than the GHD Air, with 70% of the power which is not a bad buy considering how good the GHD Air is, performance-wise. It also folds up, making it super easy to store or travel with, and it comes with a free concentrator nozzle.

Buy now from GHD

GHD sale: Curling tong and wand savings

GHD doesn’t just sell straighteners, it also offers a range of curling wands and tongs. The names are a little confusing but put simply there are two tongs – one with a medium-sized barrel for small curls, and for shorter hair, and a larger barrel for bigger, softer curls. The curling wands don’t have the clamp on the barrel, which helps you wrap the hair around it more easily and this wand is tapered, meaning you switch between smaller and larger curls.

♥ GHD Curve Thin wand

£139 | Buy now

GHD thin wandGHD

The GHD Curve Thin wand is the newest addition to the GHD curling tongs and wands collection. It is the brand’s thinnest wand to date and creates tight, defined curls thanks to its 14mm barrel. This barrel is also longer – 38% longer – to make it suitable for quick styling on long as well as short hair.

It has the same 185°C optimal temperature. It heats up in 30 seconds and has a 2.7m cord.

Buy now from GHD

♥ GHD Curve Classic Curl wand

£139 | Buy now from Amazon

GHD Curve Classic wandGHD

The Classic Curl Wand has a medium-sized barrel so is best suited to mid-length hair styling, offering slightly tighter curls than those afforded with the Soft Curl wand.

Buy now from Amazon | Buy now from GHD

♥ GHD Creative Curl wand

£129| Buy now from GHD

GHD Creative Curling TongGHD

In addition to its straighteners sale, GHD’s range of curling tongs, crimpers and hair styling tools are also on offer in the wider GHD sale, including the GHD Creative Curl Wand and GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong, and the Classic Wave Wand.

The Creative Curl Wand offers the most versatility for creating a range of styles. It combines the size and shape of the Classic and Soft Curl wands but has a thinner, tapered end to create waves, kinks and more.

Buy now from GHD | Buy now from Amazon

♥ GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong

£139 | Buy now from GHD

GHD Curve Soft tongGHD

As the name suggests, the Curve Soft Curl wand has a larger barrel which means it creates softer, larger curls, and is best suited to longer hair styling. That said, you can still use it on shorter hair and just have bouncier curls.

Buy now from GHD | Buy now from Amazon

The following products aren’t in the GHD sale but are listed to show you more of the GHD range

♥ GHD straighteners sale: GHD Ultimate Styling Set

£295 | Buy now from Amazon

GHD Ultimate Styling Set saleGHD

This is a great deal – and is exclusive to Amazon.

As part of this year’s Black Friday deals, Amazon is selling the GHD Ultimate Styling Set – which contains the GHD Gold professional styler, the GHD Air hairdryer, GHD heat protect spray, a GHD paddle brush and a fancy gift box.

If you were to buy these products separately, you’d pay £295 but as part of this offer, you can get the set for £175 – a staggering saving of £120 or 46%.

Buy now from Amazon

♥ GHD Platinum Plus gift set 

Worth £233 | Buy now from Lookfantastic

GHD Platinum Plus gift setGHD

In addition to the Platinum Plus styler, this gift set comes with a paddle brush, a heat-resistant bag and a box to carry your GHD tools in. If you bought all the items separately they’d set you back £233. As part of the latest Lookfantastic sale, this set is now £151. This makes it cheaper than buying the GHD Platinum Plus on its own!

Buy now from Lookfantastic

♥ GHD Platinum Plus gift set in deep scarlet

£199 | Buy now from GHD

GHD Platinum Plus Valentines DayGHD

Originally released as a Valentine’s Day special in 2019, this deep scarlet version of the GHD Platinum Plus Styler does everything the white and black models do, just in a more striking design. It comes with a matching bag.

Buy now from GHD

♥ GHD brushes

From £19.50 | Buy now from blowLTD

GHD barrel brushGHD

There are three GHD brushes on sale at blowLTD. The large 44mm barrel of the Natural Bristle Radial Brush Size 3 is best suited for blow-drying longer hair. Its natural bristles create a smoother finish, and it has a soft touch and non-slip handle.

The Size 2 brush is suitable for short to mid-length hair.

While the GHD Ceramic Vented Radial Brush size 3 brush has a large 44mm vented ceramic barrel that retains heat, allowing for a faster blow-dry.

Ideal for longer hair, this ceramic brush is particularly suited to creating hairstyles with more lift, volume and movement.

Buy now from blowLTD

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